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Let’s Go Cruising on a Cruising Charter

Cruising on a beautiful yacht and enjoying the spectacular views of South Florida is a great way to spend a day. Cruising yachts vary in size and design and we are pleased to offer a wide variety of choices including Motor Yachts, Express Cruisers, and Sports Fishing Yachts.

Cruising on a Motor Yacht: These magnificent yachts offer the ultimate in cruising luxury. Anything and everything is available to you and your guests. An on-board chief may be requested, offering you the finest in private dining. On the upper deck, you may enjoy a more casual lifestyle, enjoying the beautiful sites of South Florida. If water sports are your thing, we can arrange anything from dinghies to wave runners or even par-a-sailing!

Size: Motor Yachts range in length from 65 to 120 feet.

Cruising on an Express Cruiser or Sedan Bridge: These beautiful yachts are offered in three styles. The “Sea Ray” and “Cruisers” type cruiser or the larger European styled “Sunseeker” type cruiser. Both offer large open-air lounge areas perfect for entertaining your guests, as you enjoy the South Florida sun. Below decks, you will find beautifully appointed fully air-conditioned salons with all the comforts of home.

  • Size: “Bow Rider” type sports boat are 24 feet.
  • Size: “Sea Ray” type express yachts range in length from 41 – 60 feet.
  • Size: “Cruisers” type yacht range in length from 38′-50′
  • Size: “Sunseeker” type express yachts range in length from 60 – 80 feet.

Cruising on a Sports Fishing Yacht: These large air-conditioned yachts are equipped with CD players, VCR’s and microwaves, adding comfort and enjoyment to your cruise. You will be treated to great views from the flybridge and because of their convertible usage, sport fishing yachts also offer the best value.

Cruising on a Go Fast or “Cigarette” type boat. Designed for a single purpose and that is to “go fast.” That is why you may hear them referred to as “go fast boats.” They are V-hull, planning, boats which means that they actually ride on top of the water, and they are equipped with high horsepower engines that are able to push them at incredible speeds, some over 100 miles per hour.